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» » » » Cold Mix Technology and its Application
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Its a technique used in Road Construction (Flexible Pavement).
Does not pollute the environment, during the process of paving roads.
What is Cold Mix?
     It is a mixture of Bitumen Emulsion and Aggregate at ambient temperature, to mix bitumen emulsion with aggregate there is no need of heating process. The bitumen emulsion remains liquid at room temperature.

What is Bitumen Emulsion?
     An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquid which are non-mixable. When bitumen is suspended with water in the presence of emulsifiers it forms bitumen emulsion. The emulsifiers are divided into Anionic Emulsifiers and Cationic Emulsifiers.
            Types of Emulsion
                 1.Anionic Emulsion
                 2.Cationic Emulsion
                 3.Non Ionic Emulsion
Where Cold Mix Technology can be used?
       1. It is useful in areas where there is a longer distance between job site and batching plant.
       2. It can be used in locations that have a very low and moderate temperature (<40 degree C)

Advantages of Cold Mix Technology
      1.There is no option for heating the bitumen mix (no heating process).
      2.It is environment friendly and does not create pollution (no pollution).
      3.Does not requires costly equipment and high workability.
Used for Cold Mix process

      4.Option to engage Unskilled Labours.
      5.Work can be carried in almost all weather season ie. wet and humid climate.
      6.It increase the speed of work activity

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