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» » » Introduction to Road Safety Audit and its Benefits
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Introduction Road Safety Audit (RSA)
    It is a systematic formal road safety assessment of a road scheme carried by an independent, qualified auditor who report on the projects accident potential for all kinds of road users. RSA is not a mean to rank or rate a project, it check the compliance with standards. Also it does not attempt to redesign a project, only gives recommendations or finding that should be considered.

Benefits of Road Safety Audit
  • Provide safety beyond established standards
  • Identify additional improvement that can be incorporated into the projects
  • Create consistency among all projects
  • Invite interdisciplinary input
  • Enhance the quality of field reviews
  • Provide learning experiences for the audit team and design team members
  • Provide feedback to highway designers that they can apply to other projects 
  • To ensure that a high quality is maintained throughout a project life cycle

Key Elements 
  • It is a formal examination with a structured process
  • It is conducted independently by professionals who are not involved in the projects
  • It consist of a team of qualified professionals representing appropriate discipline
  • It focus only on safety issues

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