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What is Expandable Clay Aggregate ? 
Expandable Clay Aggregate ( ECA ) is a round pellet structure produced by firing natural clay at a temperature of 1200 degree C. This result in forming hard honeycombed structure of interconnecting voids within aggregate. The shape of the material is rounded and size in the range of 0 to 30 mm (approximately)

Property of ECA
  1. Fire resistant
  2. Resistance to water absorption
  3. Low density
  4. Decomposable
  5. Environment-friendly
  6. High compressive strength
  7. Earthquake resistant
  8. Thermal insulation
  9. Sound insulation

The material is light in weight, strong and thermal insulated. So it can be easily used in construction projects.


1.     1. ECA Concrete
ECA concrete is economical, and load-bearing capacity is higher than the normal concrete, can be used as
· RCC Wall
· Precast Elements
· RCC Slab
· Beam
· Wall Pannel
· Block Systems
· Roof Pannels

2.     2. Road and Railway Construction
      ECA creates durable roads because of its water absorption capacity
3.     3. Used in water retaining structures
4.     4. ECA reduce the load on land filling walls.
The application is not only limited to construction but extended on roof gardening, agriculture, etc.

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